ZW7200G Electric Stair Climber

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Introducing the ZW7200G electric stair climber – the ultimate solution for transporting heavy items up and down stairs with ease! This powerful climber boasts a maximum capacity of 200kg, making it the perfect choice for businesses or individuals who need to move heavy loads on a regular basis. Its high-strength aluminium alloy frame ensures that it’s built to last, while the solid tyres provide excellent traction on all types of surfaces.



Designed with user convenience in mind, the ZW7200G features a simple touch button control system that makes it easy to operate. The rechargeable battery means you can use it for extended periods without having to worry about running out of power. Additionally, the brake system ensures that you can stop the climber safely and securely at any time.

Whether you’re a delivery driver, warehouse worker, or just need to move heavy items around your home, the ZW7200G electric stair climber is the perfect solution. Its rugged construction, advanced features, and intuitive controls make it the ideal choice for anyone who needs to transport heavy loads up and down stairs on a regular basis.


The handle allows for easy manoeuvring of the stair climber.

Run button

The run button starts and stops the motor.


The rechargeable battery provides power to the motor.

Upstairs/Downstairs button

These buttons allow for the selection of the direction of travel.

Support wheels & brake system

The support wheels help to balance the load and the brake system ensures safe stops and holds on stairs.

Loading Board

The loading board provides a sturdy surface to place items for transport.

Looking for an easy way to transport heavy loads up and down stairs? The ZW7200G electric stair climber is the perfect solution! With a maximum capacity of 200kg and features like a rechargeable battery, support wheels & brake system, and loading board, this powerful climber is designed for businesses and individuals who need to move heavy loads on a regular basis. Order yours today and experience the convenience and power of the ZW7200G electric stair climber!

Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 545 × 540 × 1590 mm
Weight of battery

3 kg


2000 kg

Battery capacity

52-117 floors

Main material

Aluminium alloy

Battery type

Lithium-ion battery

Charging voltage


Charging time

3 hours



Folded dimensions

1195 x 545 x 308 mm

Climbing speed

24 steps/min (slow), 34 steps/min (fast)

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