Deltarack Flat-pack Plywood A-Frame – SR80.5.120/2 (120 x 80 x 169 cm)


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Deltarack is an economical, light and practical solution for the storage and transport of flat material that needs to stand upright, is fragile, and must be protected against scratching. This solution is an affordable, light weight rack designed for handling flat products, such as stone or glass. Made of glued/pressed 13 layer birch plywood, the patented A-frame design is strong enough to safely handle 2,000 lbs. The racks are bundled flat and can be assembled and ready for use in minutes. All hardware is included. All products are based on the same delta profile and made out of water-resistant glued birch plywood.

At the bottom, the Deltaracks include an integrated pallet for easy usage from all four sides with a forklift or pallet jack. For small movements at the work site, we have developed wheel sets and wheel boards mounted or used temporarily, as needed.

All racks are shipped flat – bundled – not assembled. The only tools required is a rubber mallet and a powered screwdriver. The racks can be assembled in minutes. Minimum order is 6 racks per part number.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg

500 kg

Max Height

180 cm


20 mm Plywood

Wheels Possible


Water Resistant


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Deltarack Flat-pack Plywood A-Frame - SR80.5.120/2 (120 x 80 x 169 cm)


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