Tipping Skip

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  • Manufactured from High Strength Steel
  • Robot Welded & Sprayed
  • Operator Instructions – Clear instructions are placed above the release handle
  • Release Handle – Positioned as low as possible, on the same side as the telehandler cab, and with sufficient room between the hopper and the forklift carriage to aid safe use
  • Safety Ring – Locks the handle and prevents it from being released accidentally
  • Release Handle Lock – The safety ring can be padlocked into place
  • Self Locking Return – The geometry of the hopper allows it to roll forward when full and automatically lock back into place once emptied
  • Enclosed Spring – Incorporated into the hook assembly to protect it from damage
  • Secure Pocketed Frame – Reduces movement during transportation and emptying
  • Frame Feet – Helps to raise the tipping skip off soft and uneven surfaces
  • Unique Integral Box Technology – Offers increased resilience to accidental damage
  • Optional Secure Cable – Prevents the tipping skip sliding off the fork tines
  • Optional Release Extension Arm – Aids the safe operation of the release handle
  • Four way entry
  • Manual release & safety lock
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Additional information

Approx. Fill Capacity

1.20 m3 (1200 litres)

Max Load

2000 kg

Width x Length x Height

1.35 x 1.75 x 1.15 m

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£730.00 £876.00 incl. VAT

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